27 Juli 2015

Lowongan Operator Produksi - PT CS2 Pola Sehat (Orang Tua Group)

logo Orang Tua Group
Orang Tua Group, a group of fast moving manufacturing companies dealing with food & beverage and consumer products. Through research and innovation, we have come up with unique products that win the competition. Our products have enjoyed a special place in the hearts of our customers, thanks to our investment in brand building. Just mention our popular brands such as Anggur Orang tua, Tango Wafer, Oops, Formula, Vita Charm, Kayaking peanuts, Kiranti and you’ll know what we mean. These brands have become everyday household names. Our portfolio of products, from toothpaste and toothbrush to health food and drinks, is already part of the daily activities of the Indonesian people. Today, consumers in other countries have also become familiar with our products.

We believes in developing high quality human resources by providing intensive trainings and education to its employees. Presently, Orang Tua Group is looking for individuals to be part of the team.

Operator Produksi
  • Usia minimal 17 tahun
  • Pendidikan minimal SMA sederajat, dengan nilai akhir minimal 7.00
  • Sehat Jasmani & Rohani
  • Bersedia penempatan di wilayah Merah Mata - Banyuasin, Palembang
Should you be interested and meet the requirements above please apply via links below.

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