28 Desember 2012

PT Innovative Plastic Packaging - Operator Water Treatment & Planning Control Moldshop

PT. Innovative Plastic Packaging is previously known as PT. Bumi Tirto Sumber Koyo. From its early beginning until the current period, the effort has shown its significant development as the company extensively grows into a major manufacturer that always commits to produce quality products of plastic packaging. With the new spirit of excellence, INNOPACK strives to become one of the best of Indonesia's plastic packaging companies.

Whatever your requirements of plastic packaging, INNOPACK is prepared to produce the products with support of skilled staffs and the advanced technology. Producing any kinds of plastic packaging such as cup, tray, jar, bottle for foods, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmacies packaging has become INNOPACK's specialty. Plastic materials such as PP, PS, PET, HDPE, LDPE, and EVOH are used in our factories to produce attractive plastic packaging that meets customers' needs. However, since every product has its own characteristics, we accordingly adjust it to the function of the packaging. So to meet your needs of quality packaging, we provide you an innovative, economical, and qualified solution.

Operator Water Treatment
Bogor (Jawa Barat)
  • Male, maximum 27 years old.
  • Minimum technical high school (SMK)
  • Good interpersonal skill
  • Willing to work hard and under pressure.
  • Reliable and a good team player.

Planning Control Moldshop
Bogor (Jawa Barat)
  • Understand the process of mold manufacturing
  • Able to operate computer
  • Able to communicate well
  • Understand the mold manufacturing systems
  • Both the analysis of the problem
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Education D3/STM (STM minimum 3 years experience)
Please send your application letter, CV and recent photograph to: hrd-jkt@inno-pack.com

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